Where Innovation Takes Flight

Where Innovation Takes Flight

About Us

AirBuoyant, LLC is a spinoff of XADS – Xtreme Alternative Defense Systems – and has been in business since 2006 as the aerospace project arm of XADS.

We develop unique solutions through innovation in the VTOL Electric Manned and Unmanned aircraft space and novel, mechanically-advantaged wind turbines which will disrupt industries and open up new doors for new markets of the future.

Every AirBuoyant technology is environmentally friendly and sustainable, and offers a much lower-cost solution to each technology’s market than exists commonly at present.

We also build and sell things, available today. Not just concepts or hopes – but real and available products you can buy and use right now.

Heavy Payload Drone Solutions

VertiPod 4 Info

VertiPod 4 is a new kind of drone, designed with real-world payloads in mind, including human payloads. VertiPod 4 is a new, All-Electric, Heavy-Lift Quadcopter with the ability to transform urban transportation as well as applications formerly exclusive to the world of manned aircraft.

The VertiPod 4 can carry it’s own weight plus 200 lbs for short distances, with the ability to have batteries added to carry somewhat lighter loads for longer distances. The VertiPod 4 is also completely modular, allowing 2-4 units to be linked together mechanically to carry much heavier loads.

Autonomy and waypoint-navigation systems on the market will interface with VertiPod 4 to provide turn-key crop-dusting capabilities, with zero waste, no overspray, and extremely targeted treatment for your fields, orchards, and growing facilities.

The all-electric VertiPod 4 is also capable of carrying substantial payloads when not being used in the Ag Sprayer configuration. With just a few minutes of conversion, the VertiPod 4 can become a Fire/Rescue Helper, a package delivery system, a construction tool/mobile crane, and a large scale camera platform, to name a few.

Maximum Lift, Maximum Payload

Designed and built to push the limits on what a drone can do.

HyperBlade Wind Turbine

HyperBlade Info

Our HyperBlade Wind Turbine is a single or dual-coaxial-bladed, telescoping-mast-mounted, multi-generator turning wind turbine, scalable to your energy needs.

The Patent for the HyperBlade Coaxial wind turbine was granted on March 4, 2014, and we are working with the local Anderson community to set up a mini wind-farm to power a new facility which will be opened in 2016.

30% more power for the same footprint of standard horizontal wind turbines, at the same cost of implementation.

30% More Power

Same Cost & Footprint

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