How to count cards in blackjack and other popular table games

Before you start applying the strategy of counting cards in practice, you should make sure that you know all the smallest details about the rules of playing blackjack, spades or poker. It’s also worth visiting a casino at least once and get acquainted with the technique of playing games.

Knowing the counting strategy allows you to leave the casino without advantages that reduce the probability of winning a client to almost zero. Below we will talk about how to count cards in different games.

Learning how to count cards with multiple decks

First, you need to estimate the number of full decks that are in the “shoe” of the dealer. After that, you should divide the total current count by the appropriate conversion factor. This determines the preference of your chances. Let’s say you play against the “shoe”, in which there are 4 decks. If one of the decks has already been played, then in the “shoe” there are respectively 3 full decks. If two decks are played, then 2 decks also lie in the “shoe”. Now let’s look at the list in which the exact conversion factors are given. Transferring a current count to an accurate count when playing with multiple decks.

The number of remaining full decks – Conversion factor:

  • 6 – divide by 6.
  • 5 – divide by 5.
  • 4 – divide by 4.
  • and so on.

As you can see from the list, if the total of your current count is +9, and there are 3 decks in the “shoe”, then you should divide +9 by 3 and get the total of the exact score, which will be three. Similarly, it is considered if the current count is negative. It should be noted that when you are playing a game with several decks, you come to the moment when there is one full deck left in the “shoe”, then you need to switch to the method of correcting the game with one deck, that is, start not to divide, but to multiply.

How to count cards in blackjack?

The counting technique involves evaluating all the cards in the playing deck. Constant counting allows you to get the final score of the game and make the right bet.

  • Cards 2-6 are rated +1.
  • Cards 7-9 are rated at 0.
  • Cards higher than 10 are rated at -1.
  • Aces are also rated -1.

The higher the amount of your calculations, the higher the rate should be. Follow the rules: increase the rate by 1 with each new positive number.

Cards counting in Spades

In spades, the trump suit, obviously, is always spades. You can win by either having a higher card of the same suit that has been led or by having a spade. Here is very important to know what kind of cards have already been played.

The least you should do when counting cards in spades is tracking the highest card values of each suit – if the player has seen the king and queen of clubs, they know the highest club is a jack at the moment. It would also be useful to know if the opponents still have certain suits left or not.

How to count cards in poker (also Texas Holdem)?

In addition to the player’s two personal cards, common cards on the table are also opened. The first 3 cards is a flop. The next card is called the turn, and the final card is the river. At each stage of betting, you can read poker cards and determine the current chances of improving the combination.

It is important to use these values in mathematical calculations:

  • There are 4 suits in the deck. Each suit has 13 cards.
  • There are 52 cards in total in the deck.
  • One face value of 4 cards. For example, there are only 4 Kings or 4 Queens in a deck.

Knowing the basic information about all the cards, you need to analyze a specific round:

  • Counting cards in poker of the required face value on the table and in your hands.
  • How many suited cards are on board and on hand.

So, the player must understand what combination they can count on. After that, an analysis is carried out which cards are not enough for the full combination.

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